Growing The Revolution To Save The Animals

Armory of the Revolution

The key to achieving our goals is more rescuers, more animal activists, and a movement of political revolutionaries.

Ending kill shelters, ending puppy mills, stopping bullfighting, sealing, whaling, rodeos, etc, will all require many more activists in the struggle than we presently have.

Achieving Animal Rights will require political revolutionaries. And those revolutionaries will come from the ranks of animal activists.

Long term, ending the Animal Holocaust and banning slaughter, animal consumption, and animal ownership cannot ever succeed without a huge contingent of revolutionaries willing to defeat the capitalist system which thrives on the corpses of our fellow beings.

Where do we find them? How do we recruit them? What do we tell them?

Most animal activists started out being animal rescuers.

More animal rescuers means more animal activists.

Not everyone who rescues dogs and cats becomes an animal activist. But many do.

Not all animal activists graduate to becoming…

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